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The Wall

Creator: Rula Halawani | 2003   

“I started documenting the wall almost from when they started building it, but each time I developed the pictures all that showed was its ugliness and my anger. When the wall reached Qalandia checkpoint. They started building it right in the middle of the road, my road to work. I always fantasized that one day we would plant trees in the middle of that road. Once it reached Qalandia, the wall reached me and found my fear. They put down the foundations, stopped for a while and then they put it up block by block along the middle of the road.I wanted to photograph it at night. Maybe to show I wasn’t scared. I went. The wall was so ugly, the land sad and scarred. There were only soldiers, heavy machines and the sound of dogs barking. I was terrified and desolate. I took the photographs during the day, but the memory of that night was in them. After I finished the project, one night, and I do not know why, I suddenly felt I needed to go see the wall. It was the Jewish New Year.It was almost midnight but I jumped in my car and went back. I drove all along the wall and arrived back at my first night there, at the place with the heavy machines and barking dogs. They were all locked up. I enjoyed the scene. I returned home through the Mount of Olives, where I first stepped foot on this earth,my earth. I got out and looked and made a promise, a promise to my Land.” 

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